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Embedded Linux

Meanwhile, Linux is an operating system widely used on desktop PCs.
Naturally, in an Embedded System exist specific conditions.
If Linux is used on an Embedded controller, a set of initial considerations and adjustments are necessary.
We facilitate the COBRA5272, COBRA5282 and COBRA5329 users these preparations, by offering a Linux version optimized particularly for ColdFire. This version is based on the source code of the uClinux project.
With uClinux ("Microcontroller Linux") several complex functions can be implemented on the COBRA modules, for example:

  • File system management,
  • Graphical User Interface,
  • Connectivity (Ethernet),
  • Embedded Internet,

We supply uClinux as a software option (additional to the dBug monitor software). As a development system we recommend then a PC with Linux operating system.

The COBRA5475 and COBRA5485 modules are supported by a Board Support Package (BSP) of a "full" Linux Version, based on the Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB).

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In the book "Embedded Linux" (VDE Verlag, German Language) some COBRA processor modules are used to explain the development of uClinux software.