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SAW Sensor Technology (Surface Acustic Wave)

Passive Wireless Sensor System

With use of thermal processes for the production of goods the temperature of the treated product is often crucial for the quality of the process. This temperature can be determined by dragging elements, pyrometers or data loggers. However, these measuring methods are difficult in the handling and supply the data only after the completion of the process.
With the sensor system developed by senTec Electronics it is possible to measure the temperature wireless at standing and moved parts. The sensor works as a passive transponder without any own energy source, powered only by the radio frequency. This procedure works in a temperature range from 0°C to 300°C. Presently it is used for process control in plastic processing plants and rotation molding plants. The temperature gradient can be visualized with the help of a PC and can be used for the optimization of the furnace regulation. Thus, the process can be optimized and process times can be reduced.

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