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COBRA Prozessor-Module

COBRA = ColdFire Board for Rapid Applications

COBRA5329 ModulThe ColdFire processor family is the successor of the legendary Motorola 68000 series and was optimized especially for Embedded Applications. It delivers high arithmetic performance at low current consumption. Today, several ColdFire processor derivatives are available.

Just like for the 68000 series, a large number of development tools are available for the ColdFire processors. Many of them are freeware, such as compilers for C, Pascal or Basic. Also, the well-known GNU tool chain (C, C++ and debugger) supports the ColdFire processors very well. It is available for a number of platforms, e.g. Windows-based PCs. With uClinux ("Microcontroller Linux") several complex functions can be implemented on the COBRA module, for example file systems, graphical user interface, Connectivity (Ethernet), Embedded Internet.

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