senTec Elektronik GmbH
Sensor System Solutions, Hard & Software Design

senTec Elektronik GmbH offers R & D for electronics hardware and software. As design alliance partner of freescale semiconductors we deliver wireless sensor networks (wsn) solutions based on standard IEEE802.15.4 as well as customer based micro controller and processor modules (embedded modules) based mainly on ColdFire ™.
Our passive sensor systems based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators for ambitious temperature measurement can also optimize your process.


TEDRA Systems


‚Thermocoupled Enhanced Brake Disk Radio Access‘ enables the wireless data transmission of the break disk temperature during on the road testing. Ther are 3 Typs available. more



The passive wireless sensor system Transmitron-T works on standing, rotating or moving parts. The sensor works as a passive transponder without an external energy source which will be interrogated wireless. The temperature range is 0°C to 300°C. more

COBRA 8572


‘Computer Board for Rapid Applications’: Maximum available computing power! Based on Freescale’s Power QUICC PPC 8572 with a Dual Core 1.5GHZ Engine. more

Design Services

Hardware Development


Controller modules, sensor electronics, signal processing! We develop your electronic circuits. PCBs with more than 18 layers, high speed bus connections, analog signals, wireless sensor networks and interfaces as you wish are our speciality. more

Software Development


Drivers for the micro controller’s interfaces, open source software, visualization and connection with windows or Linux! We develop your sensor connection, signal processing and data logging to solve your problem. more

System Development


From the idea tot he complete system! Sensing, intelligent processing, logging: everything you need from one supplier following your needs and your demands.



Our new address will be:

senTec Elektronik GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Ring 2

98704 Ilmenau-Langewiesen


Attention we are moving!

Due to the moving of our company we will apologize for any inconvenience next week. We will rapidly be again ready for action.


The new company building will be ready soon. We are happy to provide you in larger space.